Web Sales

A complete ecommerce system is incorporated into totalretail to enable the business to run a web store.

Order confirmations are passed to the central database when a website order is completed, allowing instant, real-time views of stock requirements and usage the moment an order is placed.

Alternatively, if you already have a web store, totalretail can be interfaced with most of the popular ecommerce platforms such as OpenCart, Magento, osCommerce, ZenCart and Shopify. Please contact us to see if totalretail can be interfaced with your ecommerce platform.

Efficient Order Picking

The instant a web order is completed by the customer online it immediately appear in a Picking List. The Picking List uses a traffic light system to highlight the orders with all items that are in stock, orders that have some items in stock and orders where no items are in stock.

This makes the picking of orders very efficient, with staff able to concentrate on the orders that can be picked, packed and dispatched, and not wasting time picking orders that cannot be dispatched because of missing items.

If there are no orders that have all items they require in stock, staff can then use their time to pick those orders that have at least some of the items in stock so they can be held in readiness for delivery of the remaining out of stock items.

Order Packing and Dispatch

Once an order has been picked, it is automatically transferred to a Packing list. Dispatch staff can print off a Packing Note and Receipt to include in the package. Once the order is packed up a preprinted courier or postage label can be scanned and totalretail will automatically detect the Courier firm or Mail firm from the code and generate an email containing details of the order and tracking code to be sent to the customer. The email can be edited before being sent so you can add comments to the message.