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  • Need to manage inventory for
    walk-in stores, website
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  • Powerful & Flexible
    Cloud-based for maximum flexibility
    Can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones anywhere, anytime!.
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Inventory Management

Manage your inventory for multiple stores, warehouses and ecommerce web sites using a single system that handles it all with live, real-time information at your fingertips on your computer, tablet or even your phone, so you can keep on top of your business wherever you are.

Purchase Ordering

Inventory usage and levels are continuously monitored and when products run low and need reordering you are alerted and Purchase Orders automatically created for you, so you are never short of inventory to meet demand and don't have money tied up in inventory sitting on shelves.

EPOS built in

Electronic Point of Sale captures customer details and records sales from any number of stores, combining them with website sales so you have instant information about inventory levels and usage wherever and whenever you need it.